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Tobias Veterinary Services comes to you!

     Our veterinarians care for your dogs and cats in your own home, eliminating the hassle and stress of transporting them to a veterinary hospital. This is one of the primary reasons why Dr. Carey Bailey decided to start a mobile veterinary practice and offer in-home veterinary services. Pets often become stressed when taken out of their home environment. This stress can be expressed through fear, aggression, or hyperactivity, all of which inhibit a doctor's ability to perform and interpret your pet's complete physical exam. In-home veterinary care helps keep your pet relaxed by removing three of the key stressors of a typical veterinary visit -  the travel, being in a strange environment, and being around unfamiliar animals.

Tobias Veterinary Services was founded in 2013 by Dr. Carey Bailey and is named after her late Boxer, Toby. It all began with Dr. Bailey and her Chevrolet Suburban. From our humble beginnings we've grown to a staff of over twenty, including multiple veterinarians, and now operate out of five of our trademark, eye-catching "Big Red Trucks!"

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