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In your search for a veterinarian, we believe you should expect great service as well as high quality patient care.


The entire Tobias Veterinary Services team is committed to providing excellent veterinary health care to our patients and exceptional customer service to their owners.


Our mission is to offer the best in patient care and owner education within the comfort of your home.


We are happy to contact your pet's previous veterinarian for vaccine records and medical history, but it's also a good idea to provide us with a list (or general idea) of past major illnesses, surgeries, and recurrent health issues.

Take note of your pet's elimination habits and any recent physical changes like weight gain/loss, limping, tenderness in specific areas when touched or picked up, unusual bumps or lumps, and hair loss.


Keep track of small shifts in your pet's behavior along with any diet changes. Is your cat overgrooming? Is your dog pacing at night? Are they suddenly not eating their normal food? Are you refilling their water bowl more often? Sometimes the most seemingly insignificant things speak volumes to our veterinarians!


Your pet's visit will include a complete physical exam from nose to tail! We will weigh your pet, collect blood, urine or stool if necessary, and administer any appropriate vaccinations based on your pet's lifestyle.

For our canine patients: Your dog's appointment can take place in your family room, kitchen, porch, or backyard! We do ask that your dog be leashed regardless of where the visit takes place to avoid having to "catch them," which increases their stress. 

For our feline patients: We are proud of our feline-friendly veterinary care and do our best to keep cats as calm as possible using fear-free and low-stress handling techniques. We do ask that you sequester your cat(s) in a bathroom or laundry room prior to our arrival. Extracting cats from underneath furniture in a bedroom or living room or from on top of kitchen cabinets is stressful for everyone involved! We can call or text you 15 minutes before our arrival if needed.

We understand that even home visits can be frightening to some of our patients. We strive to work with all of our patients with kindness and compassion. However, should a pet appear to be harmful to itself or harmful to our staff, sedation will be recommended. 


Our veterinarians may refer you to a veterinary specialist, a veterinarian who has completed advanced studies in areas of medicine such as internal medicine, ophthalmology, or surgery. If your pet must undergo a procedure that requires hospitalization or general anesthesia, we will provide a list of area hospitals that we believe excel in patient care.

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